Consulting & Coaching

  • Purpose of any business is to either increase or provide VALUE to the customers. If the job is done well in either providing or increasing the VALUE, business will make MONEY.
  • We help our customers to identify multiple VALUE STREAMS and most importantly their ALIGNMENTS and MEASUREMENTS. This is achieved through our Coaching and Consulting on cutting edge 21st centuary tools and techniques.
  • Our approach is the following FOUR STEP process and commence with the 3-Q strategy applicable to any organisation or business.
  • Organisations are encourage to answer the following 3 thought provoking questions to kick-start improvement initiative.

Are we doing well as it could be ? If the answer is YES then,


How do we know that we are doing well?


What and How would you do to improve and change within the organisation?

Our Workshops

Includes concept of process capability and innovation, the understanding the gap between expected and actual performance, Maximise-Optimise-Triangle

Understanding systems approach to organisation, DNA of Excellence within the organisation.

Learn Model of process excellence and KPI linkage for profitability and productivity improvement.

Understand concept of Value Stream, generate leading and lagging KPIs, VALUE proposition

Identify types of Wastage, Understanding principles of VALUE and its creation.

Understand systems approach to 5s tool and techniques 

Learn multiple rules of thumb for process improvement, waste reduction, and overview of laser-sharp tools and techniques of quality.

All workshops accumulates credits towards our Lean Six Sigma training and certification.