Lean Six Sigma. What is it?

What is it?

  • LEAN: Lean is aimed at reducing WASTAGE in any process in order to improve VALUE for CUSTOMERS.
  • SixSigma: It is all about reducing variability and understanding deviations in the process. SixSigma offers a measure of goodness, process capability and quality, and drives dramatic improvements.
  • LEANSixSigma: It is a methodology for improving performance (faster, better and cheaper).

Benefits of Lean Six Sigma

The primitive methods, old way of thinking and 20th century tools and techniques will not fix 21st century problems. To turn your cash-cow into golden goose, businesses require common science in Lean Six Sigma approach to make breakthrough improvements. Benefits of Lean Six Sigma are:

  • Double the speed without working any harder
  • Double the quality by reducing defects and deviations by 50%.
  • Cut-costs, add value to customer and boost profits.